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Reduced Income Doc Loans

Elite First Time Buyer Program

One Republic Mortgage offers a variety of reduced documentation and alternative documentation loans for borrowers that cannot verify their income through traditional means such as bank statement loan program and assets as income loan program.


Our bank statement loan programs are designed for self-employed borrowers that are not able to verify their income with tax returns. We can verify deposits on business or personal bank statements for the last 12-24 months.


For borrowers that have significant liquid assets but do not show income can qualify for assets as income loan programs. No 4506T & Tax Returns are required.

Reduced Documentation Loan Program Details

1. CPA letter (history + Income) & 2 months banks statements OR

2. CPA prepared P&L statement OR

3. Borrower prepared P&L Statement & 2 months bank statements OR

4. 12 Months personal or business bank statements

  • Self-Employed & Wage‐Earners Only

  • Purchase, R/T & Cash-out Refinance

  • Owner Occupied, 2nd Home & Investment

  • FR / PUD / Condo

  • Primary & 2nd Home: 100% Gift Allowed

  • First‐Time Home Buyers are allowed

Our team is very knowledgeable and highly motivated to speak with you and your clients to piece together basic and more challenging scenarios. We will love to be in touch and hope you contact us.


Terms and conditions may apply, contact to qualify your buyers

call: 888.855.7211


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