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The Power of Good Advice

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Buying House in Fall

Spring is a great time to sell a house, as the weather is usually nice and the housing market tends to pick up. The following tips will help you prepare for your home for sale:

1. Make a good first impression: Curb appeal matters, so make sure your lawn is mowed, landscaping is neat, and if you aren’t afraid to get dirty, you can rent a pressure washer unit from Home Depot for a full day and power wash the exterior of your home’s siding, dirty windows and pathways.

2. Declutter and deep clean: Your home should be tidy, organized, and free of any personal items. Deep clean everything, including carpets, windows, and cabinets.

3. Price your home right: A realtor can help you price your home right by performing a comparative market analysis (CMA), which is an evaluation of comparable properties in your local area that have recently sold, are currently listed, or are under contract. By comparing these properties to your home, a realtor can determine a fair market value for your home based on its unique features, location, and condition. Using a realtor can help you set a realistic and competitive price for your home, which is important for attracting potential buyers and maximizing your return on investment. Pricing your home too high can result in it sitting on the market for an extended period of time, while pricing it too low can result in leaving money on the table.

4. Stage your home: Rearrange furniture, add fresh flowers, and use neutral colors to create an inviting atmosphere for potential buyers.

5. Highlight the best features: Showcase your home's unique features, such as a beautiful fireplace or an outdoor patio, to attract buyers.

6. Use high-quality photos: Take professional-quality photos of your home, both inside and out, to help attract buyers online.

7. Be flexible with showings: Make sure your home is available for showings at all times, even on weekends and evenings.

8. Work with a reputable real estate agent: In addition to helping you price your home right, a realtor can also provide guidance on how to improve your home's value and marketability, such as suggesting repairs or renovations, staging the home for showings, and marketing it effectively to potential buyers. Overall, a realtor's expertise and knowledge of the local market can be invaluable in ensuring a successful home sale.

9. Host an open house: Schedule an open house to allow potential buyers to see your home in person and get a feel for the space.

10. Be patient: It may take time to sell your home, so be patient and continue to market it effectively until you find the right buyer.

Your new home search should begin now! When your current home is ready to sell, it's time to start thinking about where you and your family will be moving. In order to meet your individual needs, One Republic Mortgage offers a variety of loan programs and terms.

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