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Refi Loan Process

The Refinance Loan Process

A refinance with One Republic Mortgage can help you lower your payment and save you money.

Lowering your payment is easier than ever and getting started is simple! Call us or click here (add hyperlink) to find out if you qualify for a refinance. Check out our refinance calculator to see what a new rate and term could do for you.


Getting a mortgage can be intimidating, but the process is standard for all borrowers. By following the procedure, with the guidance and support from our experienced loan officer, getting a home loan can be easier than originally imagined.

To help you better understand the refinance process, we've listed some of the major steps in the loan process.


  • Pre-Qualification

  • Loan Application

  • Loan Submission

  • Appraisal

  • Loan Approval

  • Closing


Lowering your rate and payment is just one of many great reasons to consider refinancing your loan.

Call a mortgage loan specialist today at 888-855-7211

Rerfinance loan process
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