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Refi rates by One Republic Mortgage

Refi Rates

Refi Rates

There are a few reasons why homeowners decide to refinance their current mortgage.

We are here to help you understand the big picture of what comes with getting a new mortgage and determine if refinancing is right for you.


  • Fixed-rate vs. Adjustable-rate mortgage. One of the most common reasons for refinancing is to switch from an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) to a fixed-rate mortgage. Take advantage of today’s low rate to secure the stability of your home loan. When market rates are going up, your mortgage will not be affected. Talk to our loan specialist about the additional benefits of the fixed-rate mortgage.


  • Get Lower Monthly Payments. Lowering your monthly mortgage payment by refinancing to a lower rate Information or extending your loan term Information can make it easier to pay your mortgage Information Panel on time every month, while also possibly covering your other debts and expenses. And if you are concerned about your ability to make your current mortgage payments in the future, lowering your payments now can help relieve that pressure. Remember that home refinance rates can change as market conditions change.


  • Cash out a portion of your home’s equity to pay off other expenses. Enhance your life goals, finance your ideas, tuition, new business, or investment property with this option.

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