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First Time Home Buyer Cool Niches

First Time Homebuyers

Let your First Time Homebuyers know they have options!!! At One Republic, we always stay creative in what useful niche products we can offer. Contact us today, we would love to tell you or your clients more! We strive for customer service excellence.

1. 10% down is cool, but what if we added NO ESCROWS required…nice option to have if buyers are tight on money

2. 3% down on all conventional loans, don’t always have to go FHA, but we do offer both

3. College Degree immediate financing—buyer graduated, got a job, no seasoning or waiting, we will do the loan

4. Closing Cost Assistance Programs-receive credits, find out more from ORM loan reps

5. Did you that if your buyer didn’t own a property for 3 years, we consider that transaction to be “First time home buyer”

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