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The Power of Good Advice

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House Winter Tips and Reminders

Appeal to the Senses

According to majority of weather forecasts, 2022 winter is going to be one of the coldest in several decades. As much as we all want to play the “weatherman is never right, especially in Chicago” card, it is good to plan ahead. Team at One Republic has put together some useful reminders for our hard working Realtors. Most are probably applicable to vacant or investment properties, you decide.

1. Winterization-protect those pipes
2. Temperature control schedule-leave the heat on
3. Cover AC units and Outdoor BBQ Grills
4. Timer for indoor and outdoor lights
5. Inspect the roof and cracks
6. Confirm Insurance Policy covers possible winter damage
7. Snow removal and salt service

Don’t forget the fun stuff!

No one wants to feel bored and trapped all winter! Pick up some new board games or other fun things that you can pull out for your family when everyone is starting to get cabin fever.

hot chocolate

We hope this helps! Stay warm this season, and reach out to One Republic for any mortgage loan inquiries, we are glad to help and work together.

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