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The Power of Good Advice

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Appeal to The Senses

Appeal to the Senses

First impressions are very key, so consider all senses, and make it a great showing!

Collecting feedback, whether it’s positive or negative, from customers and agents, is a great way to help industry professionals improve. To that extent, we have put together a small list of common suggestions from both sides of real estate sales transactions.

When organizing an open house or creating a planned showing schedule, consider the “Rule of 5”, charm the senses of those possible buyers/agents, and leave a memorable experience.

Sight First sense to target of the potential buyers is the visual WOW effect! Make sure to really spend time with your sellers on going through curb appeal suggestions. Initial impressions are the most important as they create an emotional reaction, the goal is to make it positive. Entrance to the property is a huge deal. Seeing the exterior is one thing, but that moment of opening the front door and walking in, is focal! A dirty front door and a cranky wobbly door lock should be addressed, must be a smooth entrance.


If you think water and pretzels will seal the deal you cannot be more wrong. Show the potential buyers you really care about them and the neighborhood! For snacks, it would be cool to find a local small business, something creative, and place a seasonal and organic to the area snack. I.E. Lake Geneva WI, amazing local popcorn shop (use their many flavored popcorn as snacks and conversation starter.


Regardless if you live in a busy city, or quiet countryside you want to make buyers feel welcome. Play some neutral music and help the potential buyers visualize themselves in your property. Take advantage of surroundings, use those spring birds chirping outside, and open the window for sound to enter.


Air quality, is huge!!!! Today people are more prone to allergies and asthma. Keep the air crisp, clean, and well regulated temperature. If the home smells, is stuffy, has an animal odor, your potential buyers will be out of there before making it to the second floor. Take some steps to make the property a pleasant environment for all. A little bit of extra light plus a delicate smell can be effective.


At One Republic Mortgage we work very hard on gathering useful information for real estate agents. We strive to be a useful tool, a point of reference, and your preferred mortgage lender! Give us a call or an email today! We would love to talk, help, and build a relationship.

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