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Buy a home with ITIN number

ITIN Lending Program

(Non-Citizen Lending)

Today, a home buyer doesn’t need a social security number to get a mortgage. Shocking, but its true!!! Foreign nationals working in the United States may be eligible, as long as they have an ITIN number, and meet certain criteria. ORM will find the loan that is the best fit for your client’s needs.

Loans for qualified buyers

  • Designed to help a borrower with Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, but no social security number.

  • No Visa, Work Permit, or Green Card needed

  • Alternative income documentation accepted.

  • High LTV = Low down Payment.

  • Low Credit Scores, Bankruptcy, foreclosure, short-sale OK!


Basic Qualifications

  • US Gov ID, Matricula Consular ID, or Passport

  • 2 years same or similar line of work (can be self employed)

  • 2 years tax returns using ITIN

  • 10% down payment, can be gifted partially!

  • Both Owner and Investor occupancy


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