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Understanding Mortgage Forbearance and Its Implications

Gabriel Huerta

Gabriel Huerta

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Oct 6, 2023

Mortgage forbearance is a financial arrangement between a borrower and a lender that allows the borrower to temporarily suspend or reduce their mortgage payments for a specific period due to financial hardship.

This option became particularly relevant during times of economic downturn or unexpected crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic when many homeowners faced difficulties in making their regular mortgage payments.

How Mortgage Forbearance Works:

  • Eligibility: To qualify for mortgage forbearance, borrowers must demonstrate that they are experiencing financial hardship, which could be caused by job loss, reduced income, medical expenses, or other unexpected financial burdens.

  • Application Process: Borrowers typically need to contact their mortgage servicer (the company that collects mortgage payments) and request forbearance. During the application process, they might need to provide documentation to prove their financial hardship.

  • Forbearance Terms: The terms of forbearance can vary depending on the agreement between the borrower and the lender. It could involve a partial reduction of payments or a complete pause on payments for a specific period, often ranging from a few months to up to a year.

Implications of Mortgage Forbearance:

While mortgage forbearance provides a short-term solution for homeowners facing financial difficulties, it's essential to understand its implications, as it does not negate the obligation to repay the mortgage eventually. Here are some key implications to consider:

  • Accrued Interest: During the forbearance period, interest continues to accrue on the outstanding loan balance. This means that while the borrower may not be making regular payments, the overall mortgage debt is increasing. It's crucial to understand how this accrued interest will be handled after the forbearance period ends.

  • Repayment Plans: Lenders may offer various options for repaying the missed payments after the forbearance period. These options might include a lump sum payment, a repayment plan where the missed amounts are spread over several months, or an extension of the mortgage term.

  • Credit Impact: Entering into mortgage forbearance may be reported to credit bureaus and could potentially impact the borrower's credit score. However, the credit score impact should be less severe than if the borrower had defaulted on their mortgage.

  • Long-term Financial Impact: Forbearance might provide temporary relief, but borrowers need to consider their long-term financial situation carefully. They should assess whether they will be able to resume regular mortgage payments after the forbearance period ends. If not, alternative solutions, such as loan modifications or refinancing, may be necessary.

  • Eligibility and Availability: Mortgage forbearance options may not be available for all types of mortgages or for all borrowers. Government-backed loans, like those insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) or guaranteed by the Veterans Administration (VA), may have specific forbearance programs during times of economic hardship.

  • Communication with Lenders: It is essential for borrowers to maintain open communication with their lenders during the forbearance period. This helps in staying informed about the repayment options and any potential changes to the agreement.


Mortgage forbearance offers relief for homeowners in temporary financial crises. Remember, it's a short-term aid, not a permanent solution. Review lender terms, seek advice from financial experts, and explore lasting remedies for financial stability.

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