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Exploring Mortgage Options for Self-Employed Borrowers

Gabriel Huerta

Gabriel Huerta

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Oct 12, 2023

Securing a mortgage as a self-employed individual can be more intricate than for W-2 employees due to variable income. But with planning and knowledge of mortgage choices, self-employed borrowers can find the right home financing.

Here are key tips and options:

Organize Your Financial Documents:
As a self-employed borrower, be prepared to provide thorough documentation of your income and finances. Lenders will want to see tax returns, profit and loss statements, bank statements, and other relevant financial documents to assess your income stability and creditworthiness.

Consider Stated Income Loans:
Stated income loans, also known as bank statement loans or self-employed mortgages, are designed specifically for self-employed borrowers. Instead of relying on traditional income verification methods, these loans consider your bank statements and business financials to determine your ability to repay the mortgage.

Look into Non-Qualified Mortgages (Non-QM):
Non-QM loans are a category of mortgages that don't meet the qualified mortgage standards established by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). These loans offer more flexible underwriting criteria and may be suitable for self-employed individuals who have unconventional income sources or unique financial situations.

Build a Strong Credit Profile:
Just like any other borrower, your credit history and score will significantly impact your mortgage options. Aim to maintain a good credit score by paying bills on time, keeping credit card balances low, and avoiding new lines of credit before applying for a mortgage.

Save for a Larger Down Payment:
A larger down payment can strengthen your position as a borrower and may open up more mortgage choices. It can also help offset any concerns a lender might have about your income stability.

Before you start house hunting, obtain pre-approval from a lender.

Get Pre-Approved:
Before you start house hunting, obtain pre-approval from a lender. A pre-approval will give you a clear understanding of how much you can borrow and the interest rate you may qualify for. It also demonstrates to sellers that you are a serious buyer.

Work with a Knowledgeable Mortgage Professional:
Self-employed borrowers may find it helpful to work with a mortgage broker or loan officer experienced in handling applications from individuals with non-traditional income sources. These professionals can guide you through the process and help you find the best mortgage options for your specific situation.

Show Consistent Income:
Lenders prefer to see a stable and consistent income history. If your income has been fluctuating in recent years, it might be beneficial to wait until you can demonstrate a more predictable earning pattern before applying for a mortgage.

Consider Co-Borrowers or Co-Signers:
If your income doesn't meet the lender's requirements, you may consider having a co-borrower (e.g., a spouse with a stable income) or a co-signer (someone who guarantees the loan) to improve your chances of mortgage approval.

In conclusion, while obtaining a mortgage as a self-employed borrower may involve some extra effort, it is entirely possible with the right approach and understanding of available options. By organizing your financial documentation, exploring various mortgage products, and working with knowledgeable professionals, you can increase your chances of securing the right mortgage to achieve your homeownership goals.

One Republic Mortgage specializes in helping self-employed borrowers in   Illinois and Florida secure the right financing

One Republic Mortgage specializes in helping self-employed borrowers in
Illinois and Florida secure the right financing.
Contact us today at (888) 848-6065 or visit
for personalized guidance on your homebuying journey.

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