Why We're Different

Why We're Different

Why We're Different

What makes us truly different from other firms is our accessibility, responsiveness and cohesiveness. 


We understand that no two people are alike, and that there are an infinite amount of variables that can help or hinder your chances of obtaining your dream property.  Rather than create cookie-cutter products that could only serve a small percentage of the population, we actually sit down with each client and determine a course of action that is specifically crafted to best serve that specific individual. We listen, we understand and we care.


Our job is not to point out the problems, but to be masters of our field to such a degree, that we can be your source of solutions.


Clear and Consistent


We believe in a hassle-free method; simple is better. 

Every step of the process is laid out and explained to ensure that each client has a full grasp of their situation, what needs to be done, and what to expect. 

Furthermore, ORM makes a variety of communication tools available allowing the client to easily and conveniently reach our agents with any questions, and our agents to provide the clients with the most current and accurate updates.



Get a rate quote and

pre-approval for your loan.


We take the time to listen and really understand your needs. Only then can we help you make a smart choice.