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The Power of Good Advice

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Growth Hacking

Marketing to Millennials

In today’s ever-evolving workplace, having a professional development plan increases both engagement and retention.

Key insights for professional growth and developing your marketing skills.

Social Media

In today’s day and time it is impossible to conduct any business, especially a service driven one without the use of social platforms. Do not be intimidated. Everyone starts with 1 friend or follower in the beginning. Using tools such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, will keep you always on the radar with the people you interact with in person and even ones you never met face to face. Be fun and creative with your posts, especially if you are original and not just re-posting a lot of the time.

Individual Blog

Make it fun and personal! Are you a cook? A cyclist? Music buff? Actor? Everyone has a hidden talent. Being more approachable, and providing a fun side of yourself will get your potential customers and business contacts to remember and connect with you. A lot of people use blogs as a step in relationship development. This secondary form of connecting, is a way to expand potential client’s list, and convert them into primary sales goal.

Business Cards still Alive and Well

Have a fun challenge! Set aside 500 business cards today and gone by December 31st. bring them everywhere with you, give them to your mechanic as well as your yoga instructor, everyone wants one, distribute to all with a smile. Break the 500 into 10s, and make sure these small batches are gone and out each week.

Re-Engage Previous Clients and Lost Opportunities

Write hand written notes to referral sources and current clients every time you get a referral. Most people say that they do not use their realtor more than once is because they forget who they used years ago. Stay in touch, and do it with a personal approach.

Network Like a Champ

Be a useful source of information. Seek Public Speaking Engagements, and make an effort to present your knowledge and experience with a useful educational topic. Talk to professionals in the financial sector and build on those relationships with advisers, retirement specialists, CPAs, and insurance agents​

Team at One Republic wishes you much success and we are here to provide all possible methods of residential mortgage loan financing. Best of luck and stay in touch!

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