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  • One Republic Mortgage Illinois Lender | Find better mortgage

    Call Now: 888-855-7211 Apply for a Loan Now MORTGAGE MADE EASY TRUSTED MORTGAGE SOLUTION Smarter mortgage for a brighter future. Purchase Refinance More Than Just Great Rates! We make home buying or refinancing simple. Better rates mean you save money. Close your loan in weeks, not months, with a low rate and a mortgage solution that fits your needs. 74. Who are the best lenders for mortgages in chicago? Speed matters. Connect with our team to get pre-approved FAST! Get Pre-Approved No hidden fees! We pride ourselves on full transparency, “what you see is what you get.” Apply For a Loan Now Check Your Loan Status We offer products and services designed to put our clients first. Always! We offer products and services designed to put our clients first. Always. Let’s Find the Best Home Mortgage for You Connect with Your Loan Specialist Tell Us Your Story Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or an experienced real estate investor, having a mortgage team you can count on is crucial. ​ Our experienced staff is here to guide you every step of the way. What are your goals? We are committed to helping you reach them. Home Purchase Refinance Realtor Program We believe the best partnerships are ones built on respect, reciprocity, and mutual benefit. It is a game changer to have the right partners in place to support you and maximize your impact so that you can stay in front of your referral partners and customers. We partner with likeminded real estate agents to refer pre-approved buyers, share resources, and grow our businesses together. With One Republic Mortgage, everything is taken care of so that you can focus on generating more buyers rather than worrying about the loan file! Learn More Join Our Team With our team, you'll have the freedom to run your business the way you see fit, with the support of a capital-rich company and the resources necessary to offer a smooth loan process to your clients. ​ The support team is great, the corporate culture is outstanding, and the leadership team is supportive and engaging. One Republic Mortgage has it all! Learn More Careers About Us In today’s industry it is very easy to be misled by a multitude of marketing gimmicks. Many companies will try to get your business by offering “lowest quoted rates”, or “lowest closing costs”, or “easy no hassle loans”; but the truth is, it is impossible to promise anything until the due diligence has been completed, and anyone who tells you otherwise is not worthy of your time. Read About Us One Republic Mortgage company testimonials We Love Feedback One Republic Mortgage testimonials One Republic Mortgage Testimonials Ali Haider One Republic Mortgage Testimonials Read more One Republic mortgage testimonials Who are the best lenders for mortgages in chicago? This Team is Amazing! "The team at One Republic Mortgage are amazing. They were helpful and very knowledgeable every step of the way. We are now living in our dream house." Send a review

  • Testimonials | One Republic Mortgage | Write a review

    Testimonials Write testimonials We build long-term relationships with our clients. We build trust. But don't take our word for it. Below you find a series of personal testimonials from some of our cherished clients and friends: Lana B. March 22. 2022 Michael was very helpful. He explained all aspects of getting a mortgage to me, in simple terms, he showed where all the fees come from, and he answered all my questions in very timely manner. He helped me gather all needed documents, followed up with my employer and all attorneys. He communicated with me consistently and walked me through the process with out pain. I will recommend Michail to all my family and friends who need a mortgage specialist. Erin McNamee November 12. 2021 “My finance and I purchased our first home last year and going in we didn't understand anything about the mortgage process. Barry was so knowledgeable and attentive and made us feel comfortable and more educated. Everything went smoothly, and he found us the lowest possible interest rate. We couldn't have asked for a better experience. One Republic Mortgage made us feel like we were one of their top clients.” Lou Ann L. October 19, 2021 "Barry was excellent and explained every question I had. He made me feel important. Never made me feel like I didn't know what I was doing. I only have nice to things to say about my loan officer. Very good at what he does. Loan processor (Barry) was also excellent." Traci Houston September 01. 2021 "Gabriel helped my husband and I buy our first home, and then 8 years later buy our second. He did everything she could to get the process done quickly and make sure I knew what I was getting into. Every document that was signed, she explained to me. As a 19 year old first time home buyer, the process was scary and confusing. Gabriel made me feel at ease. When it is time for me to move on from this home, I will be contacting him again!" Brenda Dennis July 10, 2020 “I recently worked with Barry for my mortgage loan. He was recommended to me by my daughter and son-in-law when he helped them with the purchase of their home. From the beginning he has shown exemplary professionalism in handling my loan. He was straight forward and very helpful in explaining the process from start to finish. We hit a few snags in the process but in the end I was able to get my dream home. I could not have done this without him. I highly recommend Barry and his company to my friends. I have made another friend for life!” Philip Blumenfield March 11, 2020 “I continually recommend Steve Schwartz at Mortgage Advantage to my valued clients. I appreciate his expertise and ability and willingness to work with more than one lender to help us to reach our goals. His dedication and commitment to servicing his client's requirements, coupled with his mortgage and real estate law expertise as an attorney himself, make him unique in the industry and invaluable.” Adriana Ortega, Sergeant USMC July 22, 2018 "I served in the Marine Corps for 8 years and did a tour in Iraq in 2006. After leaving the service, I was looking for a reputable company to help me with the process of purchasing my first home. Although there are many companies that assist veterans with the purchase of their first home, I was very pleased to find ORM and their team of professionals. Purchasing a home can be stressful and overwhelming but ORM made the process as smooth as possible and they gave me a peace of mind every step of the way. I am beyond thankful that ORM was there for me. Thank you ORM!" Lonzo Jenkins May 14, 2018 "I have bought two houses and refinanced many times through One Republic Mortgage. In every case, I got the best rate available, they funded on time, and delivered outstanding service. I completely trust Barry, and the rest of their team. They’re a pleasure to work with, and I always have that piece of mind that the transaction is in the best hands. I highly recommend One Republic Mortgage to anyone that cares about getting the best rate, the best service, and no “surprises” during or after the close of escrow." Ali Haider April 21, 2018 "The team at One Republic Mortgage are amazing. They were helpful and very knowledgeable every step of the way. We are now living in our dream house. I would highly recommend ORM for all real estate needs. Thanks guys.." Mark Strzelec October 22. 2017 "Extremely professional and knowledgeable... Endured and supported the time it took to complete a short sale... Easy to contact and ask questions... Special thanks to Gabe, who went the extra mile in every step and displayed extreme professionalism and personal care." Brian Drake April 14, 2017 "What a great group of professionals! Thank you to Gabe and the rest of the team helping our family realize our dream of being home owners!" John Howard January 18, 2017 "My wife and I bought our first home recently. Barry and Valerie at One Republic Mortgage were diligent and very responsive to every one of our many questions. Buying a home is very stressful, and we’re grateful to have had them help us find the best deal possible. They were there every step of the way to make sure we understood 100% of what our options were. With so many companies simply out for the $$, it’s nice to know there are still ‘customer first’ companies out there. " Brennan & Jamie April 22,.2016 "The group at One Republic Mortgage did a great job with our unique situation. When things got tough, you didn’t give up and helped us to push forward when we needed it most. Thanks for putting up with our frequent phone calls and questions and for staying positive while we were working though some difficulties. We were glad that you were on our side the entire time." Write on Google Illinois mortgage lenders testimonials

  • Mortgage calculators | One Republic Mortgage | Contact us

    Calculators Calculators Mortgage Terms Common Questions Important Links Mortgage broker near me Tools and calculators are provided as a courtesy to help you estimate your mortgage needs. Results shown are estimates only. Mortgage rates vary and depend on many factors such as the economy, inflation, and the borrower's credit score. It's best to check with a lender for the most up-to-date and accurate rate information which can be adjusted daily. Rates, program terms and conditions are subject to change. Connect with Your Loan Specialist This is how mortgage calculator helps you Determining what your monthly house payment will be is an important part of figuring out how much house you can afford. That monthly payment is likely to be the biggest part of your cost of living. Using our mortgage calculator lets you estimate your mortgage payment when you buy a home or refinance. You can change loan details in the calculator to run scenarios. The calculator can help you decide: The home loan term length that’s right for you . 30-year fixed-rate mortgage lower your monthly payment, but you’ll pay more interest over the life of the loan. A 15-year fixed-rate mortgage reduce the total interest you'll pay, but your monthly payment will be higher. c If an ARM is a good option . Adjustable-rate mortgages start with a "teaser" interest rate, and then the loan rate changes — higher or lower — over time. A 5/1 ARM can be a good choice, particularly if you plan on being in a home for just a few years. You’ll want to be aware of how much your monthly mortgage payment can change when the introductory rate expires, especially if interest rates are trending higher. If you’re buying too much home. The mortgage payment calculator can give you a reality check on how much you can expect to pay each month, especially when considering all the costs, including taxes, insurance, and private mortgage insurance. If you’re putting enough money down . With minimum down payments commonly as low as 3%, it's easier than ever to put just a little money down. The mortgage payment calculator can help you decide what the best down payment may be for you. How lenders decide how much you can afford to borrow Mortgage lenders are required to assess your ability to repay the amount you want to borrow. A lot of factors go into that assessment, and the main one is debt-to-income ratio. Your debt-to-income ratio is the percentage of pretax income that goes toward monthly debt payments, including the mortgage, car payments, student loans, minimum credit card payments and child support. Lenders look most favorably on debt-to-income ratios of 36% or less — or a maximum of $1,800 a month on an income of $5,000 a month before taxes. » MORE: Calculate your debt-to-income ratio Typical costs included in a mortgage payment If your mortgage payment included just principal and interest, you could use a bare-bones mortgage calculator. But most mortgage payments include other charges as well. Here are the key components of the monthly mortgage payment: Principal: This is the amount you borrow. Each mortgage payment reduces the principal you owe. Interest: What the lender charges you to lend you the money. Interest rates are expressed as an annual percentage. Property taxes: The annual tax assessed by a government authority on your home and land. You pay about one-twelfth of your annual tax bill with each mortgage payment, and the servicer saves them in an escrow account. When the taxes are due, the loan servicer pays them. Homeowners insurance: Your policy covers damage and financial losses from fire, storms, theft, a tree falling on your house and other bad things. As with property taxes, you pay roughly one-twelfth of your annual premium each month, and the servicer pays the bill when it's due. Mortgage insurance: If your down payment is less than 20% of the home’s purchase price, you’ll likely pay mortgage insurance. It protects the lender’s interest in case a borrower defaults on a mortgage. Once the equity in your property increases to 20%, the mortgage insurance is canceled, unless you have an FHA loan backed by the Federal Housing Administration. Typically, when you belong to a homeowner’s association, the dues are billed directly, and it's not added to the monthly mortgage payment. Because HOA dues can be easy to forget, they're included in our mortgage calculator. Reducing monthly mortgage payments The mortgage calculator lets you test scenarios to see how you can reduce the monthly payments: Extend the term (the number of years it will take to pay off the loan). With a longer term, your payment will be lower, but you’ll pay more interest over the years. Review your amortization schedule to see the impact of extending your loan. Buy less house . Taking out a smaller loan means a smaller monthly mortgage payment. Avoid paying PMI . With a down payment of 20% or more, you won’t have to pay private mortgage insurance. Similarly, keeping at least 20% equity in the home lets you avoid PMI when you refinance. Get a lower interest rate. Making a larger down payment can not only let you avoid PMI, but reduce your interest rate, too. That means a lower monthly mortgage payment. Monthly mortgage payments can go up Your monthly payment can go up over time if: Property taxes or homeowners’ insurance premiums rise. These costs are included in most mortgage payments. You incur a late payment fee from your mortgage loan servicer. You have an adjustable-rate mortgage, and the rate rises at the adjustment period.

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    Spring is a great time to sell a house, as the weather is usually nice and the housing market tends to pick up. The following tips will help you prepare for your home for sale: 1. Make a good first impression: Curb appeal matters, so make sure your lawn is mowed, landscaping is neat, and if you aren’t afraid to get dirty, you can rent a pressure washer unit from Home Depot for a full day and power wash the exterior of your home’s siding, dirty windows and pathways. 2. Declutter and deep clean: Your home should be tidy, organized, and free of any personal items. Deep clean everything, including carpets, windows, and cabinets. 3. Price your home right: A realtor can help you price your home right by performing a comparative market analysis (CMA), which is an evaluation of comparable properties in your local area that have recently sold, are currently listed, or are under contract. By comparing these properties to your home, a realtor can determine a fair market value for your home based on its unique features, location, and condition. Using a realtor can help you set a realistic and competitive price for your home, which is important for attracting potential buyers and maximizing your return on investment. Pricing your home too high can result in it sitting on the market for an extended period of time, while pricing it too low can result in leaving money on the table. 4. Stage your home: Rearrange furniture, add fresh flowers, and use neutral colors to create an inviting atmosphere for potential buyers. 5. Highlight the best features: Showcase your home's unique features, such as a beautiful fireplace or an outdoor patio, to attract buyers. 6. Use high-quality photos: Take professional-quality photos of your home, both inside and out, to help attract buyers online. 7. Be flexible with showings: Make sure your home is available for showings at all times, even on weekends and evenings. 8. Work with a reputable real estate agent: In addition to helping you price your home right, a realtor can also provide guidance on how to improve your home's value and marketability, such as suggesting repairs or renovations, staging the home for showings, and marketing it effectively to potential buyers. Overall, a realtor's expertise and knowledge of the local market can be invaluable in ensuring a successful home sale. 9. Host an open house: Schedule an open house to allow potential buyers to see your home in person and get a feel for the space. 10. Be patient: It may take time to sell your home, so be patient and continue to market it effectively until you find the right buyer. Your new home search should begin now! When your current home is ready to sell, it's time to start thinking about where you and your family will be moving. In order to meet your individual needs, One Republic Mortgage offers a variety of loan programs and terms. Unlock Your Dream Home with Us. Call for Expert Advice and Solutions! 888-855-7211 #RealEstate #Lending #Mortgage #GoodTip


    Purchasing a home is an important financial and personal investment, so take your time and do your research to find the right property. "Home is where your heart is, where you can be yourself, and where you can create memories that will last a lifetime" Here are some general steps to follow when buying a home: 1. Determine your budget: Before you start shopping for a new home, you should determine your budget. Calculate your total income, expenses, and debts to determine how much you can afford to spend on a new home. Be sure to factor in additional expenses such as property taxes, insurance, and maintenance costs. 2. Research neighborhoods: Research different neighborhoods to find the one that best fits your lifestyle and needs. Consider factors such as proximity to work, school districts, local amenities, and safety. 3. Get pre-approved for a mortgage: Getting pre-approved for a mortgage will give you a better idea of how much you can afford to spend on a home and will also make you a more attractive buyer to sellers. Here at One Republic Mortgage we offer you a free pre-qualification and consultation to discuss your financial situation. 4. Work with a reputable real estate agent: A good real estate agent can help you find homes that fit your criteria and negotiate a fair price on your behalf. Contact United Realty Group for assistance. 5. Attend open houses and home tours: Attend open houses and home tours to get a better sense of the homes that are available in your desired neighborhoods. 6. Make a list of must-haves and deal-breakers: Make a list of features that are must-haves in your new home, as well as any deal-breakers. This will help you narrow down your search and avoid wasting time on homes that don't meet your needs. 7. Don't rush the process: Buying a home is a big decision, so do not rush the process. Take your time to find the right home for you and your family. 8. Consider the potential for future value: While it's important to find a home that fits your current needs, it's also wise to consider the potential for future value. Look for homes in neighborhoods that are up-and-coming or have a strong history of appreciation. 9. Get a home inspection: Once your offer is accepted by the seller, you will need to have a licensed property inspector inspect the property to identify any potential issues or problems. You could waive inspection but this is never recommended. 10. Be prepared to negotiate: When you’ve found a home you love, be prepared to negotiate. Your real estate broker will negotiate on your behalf until a mutual agreement can be reached. Any contingencies or sale condition amendments that are proposed will be explained in detail to protect your interest and help you to achieve the best deal possible. Contact United Realty Group for assistance. The homebuying process can vary depending on your location, the type of home you're buying, and other factors. The best way to ensure a smooth and successful homebuying experience is to work with a knowledgeable real estate agent and experience loan officer, and to do your research. With One Republic Mortgage, you can find the right loan and terms for your home purchase. Working with our loan officers and processors team will make the financing process less stressful and more efficient. Unlock Your Dream Home with Us: Call for Expert Advice and Solutions! 888-855-7211 #RealEstate #Lending #Mortgage #GoodTip

  • 3% down payment using 100% household area median income

    Attention Realtors! Are you looking for a way to help your buyers purchase a home with a low down payment? Look no further! In this video, we'll show you how you and your buyers can benefit from the Fannie Mae Home Ready and Freddie Mac Home Possible programs. We are able to use 100% of the median household income of the purchase area. Most lenders are capped at 80% of the median household income, which is a constraint on your clients' buying power. With as little as 3% down, your buyers can become homeowners and achieve the American Dream. Our team of experts will guide you through the process, answering any questions you may have and making sure the process is as smooth as possible. Don't miss out on this opportunity to help your buyers achieve their goals. Enjoy this video and contact us! Contact us to learn more (888)848-6065 #RealEstate #BusinessTips #GoodTip

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