Around 15 Million civil lawsuits were filed in 2011.   

Let’s get four rules straight:

Attorneys run asset searches before filing lawsuits.

Having assets make you an attractive target for lawsuits.

Appearing to lack assets makes you an unattractive target for lawsuits.

Real estate is one of the main assets measured by asset searches. 


PrivacyPrime insulates you from asset searches, and makes you less attractive for litigation.  This is because your real estate cannot be traced back

to you through the public records. 


You can also combine PrivacyPrime with other tools – like your living trust (which often bears your name) or your LLC (which can often be traced back to you).   


Asset Search


Insulation From Asset Searches

Why PrivacyPrime Financing?

PrivacyPrime Financing Is Simple


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Establish Trust.

Close in Trust and Protect

Your Property Tax Info.


Step 3

Enjoy and Preserve

Your Privacy.